Pella Sliding glass Doors

New Pella 350 Series Vinyl Sliding Patio Door Opens Up More Exciting Possibilities.

Pella Vinyl Patio DoorsPella offers vinyl sliding patio doors with up to four panels, a variety of between-the-glass options, triple-pane glass, and more.

Pella 350 Series Vinyl Patio Doors

Pella offers a variety of patio door options such as more door panels to expand your view. More innovative glass choices to help reduce your energy bills — including triple-pane glass. More design options with between-the-glass blinds and shades. And a more distinctive look — thanks to its substantial frame and high-quality hardware.

Choose a two-, three-, or four-panel door. Pella 350 Series vinyl patio doors offer more natural light and an expanded view with up to four door panels, as well as multiple design possibilities with your choice of sidelights and transoms. You even have the option of sidelights with blinds-, shades-, or grilles-between-the-glass.

Reduce your energy bills and increase your comfort. Pella 350 Series vinyl patio doors offer the energy-efficient options that will meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines in all 50 states. For extra energy efficiency, optional triple-pane Low-E glass and foam-insulated door panels are available.

Enjoy more design choices. Choose from factory-installed linen-color cellular shades or white blinds, or grilles permanently installed between the panes of insulating glass. They're protected from dust and damage, so they'll look great and work smoothly for years to come. Shades and blinds are cord-less, too, so they’re safer for homes with children and pets.

Count on extra durability and performance. Pella 350 Series vinyl patio doors feature an extra durable, multi-chambered, fully welded frame. It offers outstanding strength and stability and reduces sound transmission and heat loss. Plus, insulating air chambers inside the vinyl also help create a quieter, more comfortable home.

Have greater peace of mind. The exclusive hardware on Pella 350 Series vinyl patio doors is exceptionally hardworking and durable. And the multipoint lock increases security. This hardware is available standard in white or almond. bright brass, satin nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze are also available to match other decorative metals in your home.

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    • Usually you can jsut replace the lock and handle. Before you do this, make sure that the connection on the frame is in the good position, sometimes that gets a little loose and slides, which can cause the latch on the door itself to fail to hook in and/or unhook. No point in replacing hardware when it isn't the problem. Either way, it is a relatively easy job, even for an amateur like me (and apparentyl you too).

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    • When my children were young, they were little escape artists. They actually snuck outside at 3 & 4 to play barefoot in the snow; I found out the next morning -footprint evidence. This excursion was before home alarm systems were standard. I found sliding door screw clips at the hardware store. If you cannot find the clips it would be simple to drill a small hole in the upper track of the sliding glass door and slip a small nail in the track.