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How to Build a Sliding Barn Door

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Choose the Location and Door

Determine the location, work required to prepare the existing opening or create a new opening* and door style. Cross buck doors emulate a vintage design, but old swing doors also make an incredible statement. The door needs to be least 2" wider and 1" taller than an existing cased opening. If creating a new opening, beef up the door or pad out the opening with wider trim. The vintage swing door used in this project could easily be found for about $50 at a yard sale or architectural salvage location.

For door shown, the original glass window was removed. A new window was cut 1/8" smaller than the opening, installed with clear silicon on the perimeter and framed in the original window trim. All door hardware was removed and saved for other projects. Straight blade razors were used to scrape away the old paint* and to give the door an ultra-smooth finish. The door was then rubbed with a furniture-grade paste wax. Clear polyurethane sealer could also be used.

The vintage door shown was only about 1" thick and smaller than the door opening. The door’s width and height were increased by installing salvaged 2x4s around the perimeter. Additional wood also produced a second color tone and place to mount hardware. The 2x4s were rabbeted out for the door thickness, glued, finish nailed and clamped overnight.

Pro Tip

When installing a new opening, be sure to check with a structural engineer, architect or licensed builder to ensure that the proper headers are installed for load-bearing walls. For non-bearing partition walls, use at least a double 2x6 on which to mount the track.

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