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ClearView "The Retractable Screen Door"

A retractable screen door is a home improvement product that is attached to the exterior face or to the interior frame of a doorway. The screening material itself is attached to a roller tube which spins on a vertical axis within the assembly's housing. The screen is also attached to a vertical pull bar which rides on two rails and is used to stretch the screening material across the door opening. Once deployed, the pull bar is fixed in place by one or more magnets installed on the side opposite the housing. When not in use, the screen rolls up into its housing. The system can be installed on virtually any single entry door and using two complete assemblies, the system can be easily installed on French doors.

2. How difficult is it to install a retractable screen door?

The installation of a retractable screen door system is not difficult. However, we must recommend that our systems be installed by a certified ClearView Installer. Installation time depends on whether the system is prefabricated on site or ordered in a pre-cut kit. The installaton of a pre-cut single door, typically takes 30 to 45 minutes; pre-cut French doors take an hour to an hour and one half. If a system is fabricated on site, you can expect to spend about a half hour more.

3. What door sizes will this system fit?

The system can be installed on practically any single door frame measuring up to 110" in height and 60" in width. French door assemblies which require the installation of two kits can be installed on openings up to 96" wide.

4. When a system is ordered, what does it include?

Whether a system is ordered uncut or precut, each single door assembly kit will include the following:

  • Slow-Close™ Speed Reducer
  • Housing in Specified Color
  • Pull Bar in Specified Color
  • Top Pull Bar Guide in Specified Color
  • Roller Tube
  • Magnet Assembly in Specified Color
  • Screening Material
  • Handles w/Screw Plugs in Specified Color
  • Top & Bottom Housing Cap w/Screw Plug in Specified Color
  • Interior Tension Spring
  • Bottom Housing Cap w/Screw Plug in Specified Color
  • Installation Screw Pack(s)
  • Warranty Card
  • Weather Stripping

When two single doors are ordered for an installation on a French door, the kit can include an extra magnet assembly and custom door pin-locks (must be ordered separately) which allow the user to lock one of the doors in place while being able to use the other freely.

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