Removable Screen Door

Instant Removable Screen Door

Removable, walk-thru patio-door bug screen allows fresh air in, but not the bugs.

Wish you had a door screen but can't bear the expense? This affordable instant screen door installs easily without tools. Made of flexible fiberglass mesh, the bug screen attaches near the top of your door frame with an easy-up tension rod. The bug screen is held in place with hook and loop fasteners and removes easily, leaving no holes or damage to the door frame.

This instant screen door allows for easy walk-through access...when hands are full, simply push your way through the center slit. The bug screen closes automatically with three magnetic fasteners. Any size doorway is perfect for this instant screen door which attaches easily to front or back doors, sliding glass doors, French doors or double doors.

The bug screen has two sleeves at the top for the rod: at 80" height for standard doors, and also at 78". The 60" and 72" instant door screens open off-center and are reversible for those who open only one French door. The instant screen door is available in six widths: 30", 32", 36", 48", 60", or 72".

Now available in a taller version, 96"H in two widths, 32" or 36".

Benefits of the Instant Screen Door:

  • Flexible fiberglass mesh is durable
  • Attaches easily without tools and removes just as quickly
  • Perfect bug screen; keeps bugs out and allows fresh air in
  • A variety of widths for your instant screen door needs
  • Easy walk-thru feature allows for no-hands admittance and quick magnetic closure
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Removable Screen Doors
Removable Screen Doors
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