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Window Energy RatingResidential Window Tinting has taken a huge importance in the sustainability section of mankind. Solar control films have no low Carbon emission and in fact are one of the few products that save more energy when applied that it takes to manufacture the product, saving you money and the planet at the same time! Our Solar Control window films are proven to be one of the most safe and environmentally friendly in the field of home window tinting, our thousands of Melbourne customers agree.

House window tinting is critical for the reduction of fading inside your residence. With furniture, flooring and drapes all subject to damage to due to exposure of direct sunlight, it can be prevented by solar control films. And it has never been so safe or affordable!

Solar Control Architectural Window Film

Modern Architecture sees light and bright designs enhancing the Australia lifestyle of merging indoor living with outdoor entertaining and leisure. What is often not considered is the need and cost associated with climate control in the extreme weather condition experienced in Victoria. From soaring heat in the summer to near freezing in the winter.

Appling Solar control window film to what is known as “thermal wounds” or windows will dramatically improve the effectiveness of your air conditioner, reducing your power consumption and that means lower electricity bills.

Many of our customers initially call to either increase their privacy or reduce the U.V. that fades their furniture and carpets. U.V.

that enters your home contributes up to 40% of the deterioration of your soft furnishings. The other contributing factors are heat, wear, age and internal lighting.

“Carbon Positive”

Solar control window film is one of the very few products that will save more carbon emissions “by reducing power consumption “that it takes to produce it. It looks good, assists with climate control and is now proven to be environmentally friendly.

Window Films

With thousands of architectural solar control window films available, it is a mine field for the consumer. With that in mind you can fairly well break all those window films it to three categories, reflective, non-reflective and neutral or as we prefer to call them (after great designs in architecture) Ionic, Doric and Corinthian.

Ultra Violet

Protection from harmful UV rays is another benefit of window film, good news for those concerned about sun exposure and melanomas. Single pane window glass blocks less than 25% of UV rays that damage the skin and fade furniture, carpets and curtains; while modern films can block as much as 99% of UV rays.


Fabrics, furnishings, artwork and floor coverings can be damaged and fade simply by allowing daylight to pass through an untreated window. By blocking more than 99% of all UV rays, Solar Cotrol Window films will help preserve the color of your fabrics, furnishings and floor coverings and help protect fine antiques, woods and works of art from discoloration and fading.

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