House Window Tinting

Benefits of Home Window Tinting

Residential windows can be tinted just like your car’s windows for privacy and safety. When properly installed, residential window tinting lasts for years and protects your home from sun damage, everyday accidents and excessive glare. Home window tinting acts as a shield against the negative effects of Southern California’s intense sunshine, and it serves many other purposes.


Tinted windows add privacy and protection to any room in your house. You can use them on street-facing windows, in bathrooms, bedrooms or on glass door panels. Home window tinting applies the same principle as car window tinting – you can see out but people can’t see in, protecting your privacy and property.


Tinted windows guard against injuries from broken glass. Accidents, heavy rain and earthquake damage may cause untreated glass to break into many pieces, some so small they go undetected. Window film adds a layer of strength to glass, holding it in place in case of damage. A tinted window is harder to break, and acts as a barrier against intruders. Thick security window film offers extra protection against strong winds and natural disasters.


Window tinting adds a decorative element to any room. Textured or sandblasted window film turns plain glass into a work of art. Tinted film can be removed, changed or applied as a mural to make a picture window.

Indoor Pools and Solariums

Moisture-resistant tinted window film prevents sun damage in solariums and indoor pools, reducing glare and excess heat. It allows just enough sun into the room to keep surroundings bright but comfortable.

Energy Savings

Up to 50% of a home’s utility bills are wasted due to energy loss though untreated windows, according to the EPA’s Energy Star Buildings Manual. Tinted windows lower your energy bill by retaining heat and eliminating hot and cold spots.

Glare Reduction

Tinted windows let natural light in without glare, making it easier to work on the computer or watch TV. Leave blinds and drapes open and let the sun shine in without squinting. Treated windows protect your family against UV rays that cause sunburn and skin cancer, with some window films reducing up to 99% of harmful rays. Too much direct sunlight can fade artwork, furniture and fabrics, but tinted windows help preserve their original color.

At Wrap Works, our experts apply home window tint with the expert precision required to satisfy even the most discerning of customers. Call us at 855-999-WRAP (999-9727) for a consultation and free quote. We are happy to work directly with you or your contractor to deliver the Protect your family and property with home window tinting from Wrap Works Orange County.

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