Sliding window Replacement

Sliding window installation

How much does it cost to install or replace sliding windows?

Sliding windows are made of various materials and are usually exterior facing and so must provide the desired level of security, appearance, and weather sealing properties including the window glass. Sliding windows will have one or more window sections of which one or more will slide horizontally.

Average sliding window replacement costs vary by material, size, labor rate, and decorative quality of the window frame finish.

Cost breakdown

The Labor Cost figures in the following table are what the DIY person could save by performing the work.

Sliding window replacement: to remove and dispose of a window and replace it with a sliding window. Include costs for insulating glass, equipment, miscellaneous material, waste, hardware, all trim and sealing, and final touch-up.

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost
Aluminum window: 48" wide x 48" tall; painted white. $220 each
Upgrade: additional cost for a vinyl window; 48" wide x 48" tall, no-paint surfaces. $250
Remove and dispose: existing window; include transport and non-hazardous dump fees. $40 per CY
Material Cost $510
+ Labor Cost (remove) $30 per hour $60
+ Labor Cost (install all scenarios) $38 $190
Total Cost $760 each

Enhancement and improvement costs

  • Upgrade: additional cost for a wood window; top grade 48" wide x 48" tall, prefinished natural interior, no-paint exterior clad - $320.

Additional considerations and costs

  • Each related Cost Guide reviews typical upgrades and accessories.
  • The prices here are for provider service in their immediate area.
  • Not included are taxes or permit fees.
  • If neccesary, the opening of a wood-framed exterior wall will cost around $55 to $75 per square foot.
  • The homeowner should be informed during provider inspection of any repair or structural modification issues.
  • The replacement of 3 or more windows should result in a reduction of these unit prices.
  • In some localities a subsidy for efficiency upgrade may be available.

Do it yourself (DIY)?

  • Window replacement may not be suitable for DIY as it requires high carpentry skills, and typically comes with a critical closure deadline.


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