Garage windows Replacement

Need a Garage Door Replacement? Don’t Forget the Window Panels This Time!

Window panels in your garage doors can boost your home’s value, brighten your workspace, and protect your family members.

Try this test: during the daytime, take a quick stroll out to your garage and turn out the lights. How well can you see? Avoid stumbling around in the dark and step up to the many advantages of window panels in your new doors. If you’re planning a garage door replacement, it’s the perfect time to gain the light, aesthetic facelift, and security of window panels.

Artificial Light Isn’t Ideal

When it comes to lighting up your garage for daytime usage, without introducing garage doors that include window panels, depending on artificial light sources inside your garage pales in comparison to working in natural light.

Artificial light – what you are probably accustomed to now – runs up your electric bill, adds to your carbon footprint, and does not offer full spectrum lighting.

What About Opening the Door for Light?

Keeping the door open for light isn’t always ideal during colder months or for privacy. An open door also brings in dust.

Decals Don’t Compare

The Garage Journal, a popular online forum, includes this comment from a contributor: “I see a number of companies are selling black vinyl decals that look like windows.” Decals offer no light or security, but are relatively inexpensive if your only concern is your home’s appearance as seen from a fast-moving car.


Including window panels makes a lot of sense when considering garage door replacement because you will use less electricity, add to the beauty and value of your home, and increase your family security.

  • Windows in the garage doors add to the total daylighting lumens entering your garage, lowering your light bill
  • Window panels visually tie your garage to your home, show refinement and attention to detail, and reduce the overall visual mass of your garage doors
  • Family members on both sides of the door can see each other even when the doors are closed, preventing accidents

Environmentally Aware

  • Look for insulated garage doors that provide ample weather-stripping and reduce air infiltration
  • Buy the longest-lasting garage doors you can, to decrease use of raw materials
  • Quality garage doors are available that use recycled steel and are built with recyclable aluminum

Looking for New Quality Garage Doors?

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