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Amazing service. I called Garage Doctor after seeing his truck on the road. It was a professional vehicle which let me know I was dealing with a reputable company. But the honesty is what I want about. I thought I needed a new opener. I asked him for one before he had seen i...t. He let me know immediately that I did not need to waste money on replacing anything. My springs were not tight enough not my henges were not correctly aligned. What could have cost me over $100 cost less than half that. He repaired the door within no time, could have taken advantage of my lack of understanding about the door but did not. Hard to find honest people these days and when you find them you keep them close. All my future business for any door repair will forever be done only by Garage Doctor of Orlando. Thanks for all your help.

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Jereme of Garage Doctor of Orlando was referred to us by our neighbor when the spring on our garage door that is nearly 30 years old broke. He showed up that very evening and made the repair quickly. Because of the age of our door and the fact that hurricane season is just a...round the corner, we asked for a quote on a new door and because of the unbelieveable low price we chose to have a our door replaced. We have received many compliments on our new door and were very pleased with his professionalism and expertise for such a young man. We live in an HOA where neighbors refer service people when a good one is found. We would definitely recommend Garage Doctor of Orlando not only to all our neighbors, but also to anyone looking to replace their old door. Thanks, Jereme: Deborah and Charles Temple of Longwood, FL

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After calling several garage door repair companies and not getting very much information or feedback, we called Garage Doctor of Orlando. Jereme was so knowledgeable and helpful on the phone and even more so when he came to our home (at a moments notice) to perform repairs. Jereme went above and beyond repairing our door; he performed maintenance on the door and the opener as well as teaching us how to troubleshoot and perform minor maintenance and repairs ourselves. Jereme takes great pride in his work and this is evident in the way he explains everything that he is doing so that you have a full understanding of how the door should operate when it is properly maintained. We will definitely use Garage Doctor of Orlando in the future and recommend Jereme to our friends and family!

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