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Indoor Cat Barrier for Keeping Cats Separated during the day

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Originally Posted by alixjack

I had this problem once, and someone recommended to me a detachable screen door. It basically attaches with velcro, but has a metal frame and metal decoration similar to regular screen doors. I never tried it, though. It was to keep the cat out of the bedroom, but we just let the cat win that battle instead.

Sounds like a great idea! My sister mentioned something like this, but we could not find one. any ideas where to look?

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Didn't anyone try one of those collar-controlled pet doors? I'm not just dreaming about this product, right? I remember seeing it. Let me search for a a sample link.

Well here's one, but apparently it's not a good one. There are some others. Maybe overkill. Plus, perhaps it wouldn't stop the issue if the indoor cat followed directly behind the other one.

I should add, what I did when I had to keep the cat in one part of the house, was to set up a single standard safety gate that could swing open without having to remove it. It's actually not my favorite product but it does work adequately. There may be some better ones that cost more. But it's too short of course by itself. So, I added a couple of spring-tension curtain rods, strategically spaced above it. These are easy to put up and take down in just a few seconds once adjusted to the right length. For a real jumper maybe 3 are called for. Just make sure there's nothing the cat can climb up on within reach of the gate. And make sure the cat can't jump between the barriers.

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I would just like to mention that one of my cats nearly died from eating fiberglass screen from a window years ago. {Imagine what fiberglass screen will do to your kitty's intestine.even my vet didn't think my cat was going to was a miracle he survived.}

I imagine my kitty was chasing a fly, scratched the screen, proceeded to nibble the frayed ends until he ate enough to leave a large egg sized hole in the screen.

When I needed to seperate a cat, I put a wooden screen door in using cabinet-sized hardware and the small hook and eyes to keep it on each side. Before I installed the door, I removed the fiberglass screen and replaced it with aluminum screen.

I think installing the velcro for that metal door would cause more damage than installing a small wooden strip on each side of the doorway to support a normal screen door. Easier to repair a few small screw holes than drywall peeled off from gluing on a velcro strip, JMO.

I have also stacked gates three high when I needed an extra room divided off temorarily.worked well.and no damage at all.

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Pet Barrier Pet Barrier
Pet Products (Pet Barrier)
  • Barrier extends to 48Wide and 32 3/4High
  • Deters outdoor pets from entering through an open door
  • Deters pets from escaping your home and running into the street or running away
  • Provides peace of mind to both the pet owner and guest
  • Keeps screens from being punctured by pet claws
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  • Energy Magnetism: magnetic screen sewed more powerful magnets and strong suction to ensure that the screen shut back all the way without any help. It closes faster...
  • Durable Wearing: sturdy double cloth for this instant magic mesh and sewing craft durable can be washed repeatedly in long-life.
  • Perfectly Bug Mosquito Annoying out: the design of encryption gauze is good for fresh air in and against bug or mosquito as well as transmission of indoor light.
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  • PET FRIENDLY: No more cats and dogs whining and scratching to be let in or out of your house.
  • NO GAPS: A complete seal top to bottom, through the use of magnets that will never fail.
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