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Young successful business man at homeMillennials are making their mark on the real estate market. According to a 2015 National Association of Realtors study, Generation X and millennials (also known as Generation Y) are putting down roots and purchasing the largest volume of U.S. homes. Among buyers of all generations, the majority (32%) belong to the millennial generation, those age[…] read more

Expert Tips to Clean Painted Windows

If you have painted wood windows on your home, you already know that they require a good deal of care and maintenance. Because cleaning windows might be on your list of spring home maintenance chores this time of the year, we’d like to share some tips to help you keep these windows looking their best.

Is Noise Reduction Glass the Right Choice for Your Windows?

Sunrise® Windows understands that peace and quiet is an important part of making your home the retreat you want it to be. Unwanted sound from vehicle and airport traffic, barking dogs and loud machines can significantly impact enjoyment of your home, especially if it interferes with your sleep. That’s why we recently introduced Noise Reduction[…] read more

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Doors+Windows V17 Webinar
Doors+Windows V17 Webinar
LEGO Education LEGO Education Doors, Windows & Roof Tiles Set 4587438 (278 Pieces)
Toy (LEGO Education)
  • 278-piece LEGO Education doors, windows, and roof tiles set
  • Includes a variety of doors and windows with corresponding frames as well as shutters and roof tile elements to create architectural variety
  • Doors, windows, and shutters attach to frame hinges, allowing them to open and close when assembled
  • Supplements standard LEGO bricks
  • Suitable for ages four years and older
MK Trading Set of 2 Blue Foil Fringe Door & Window Curtain Party Decoration 3' X 8' (36" X 96") "Value Pack of 2"
Home (MK Trading)
  • Value pack of 2 blue foil fringe curtain.
  • Great finishing touch for any party theme.
  • Size 3 W x 8 H (36 x 96 )
  • Nicely packed by MK Trading.
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