Doors for Ikea Cabinets

Kokeena: Real Wood Ready-Made Cabinet Doors for IKEA AKURUM Kitchens

There are a lot of good reasons to go with an IKEA kitchen if you're remodeling, most notably the good price and modern design. However, if you're not thrilled with IKEA's door front options, there is a compromise: Kokeena, based in Portland, Oregon, offers real wood ready-made doors specially made to fit IKEA cabinets!

Like Semihandmade (the company Faith worked with for her IKEA kitchen renovation), Kokeena offers ready-made doors in five finishes that'll fit IKEA's AKURUM cabinet system. All doors come pre-bored and ready to install.

Kokeena's 5 Ready-Made Options

The Standard, a slab door made of Rift White Oak with a natural finish: "Rift sawn oak (white oak in this case) reveals a gorgeous grain that will cause you to rethink your assumptions about oak. With a natural finish this door can be the centerpiece of a modern kitchen."

The Minimalist, a slab door door with modern white paint: "A modern door that looks gorgeous but lets other elements of your design take center stage."

The Craftsman, a panel door made of Clear Vertical Grain Fir in a natural finish: "It works well in a variety of kitchens from true Craftsman-style period kitchens to ultra modern 'grain + stainless' kitchens."

Modern English, a panel door in Folkstone paint: "Combine it with stainless appliances, dark counters and a glass tile backsplash and you've got a modernist design that fits right into a traditional English or Colonial-style home."

The Modernist, a slab door in Plain Sawn Walnut with a natural finish: "Combine it with high-gloss white accents and you've got something special that you'll go into your kitchen just to look at. Like to entertain? Your friends won't soon forget your Walnut kitchen."

Kokeena also offers custom doors if you need more options. Their custom door package lets you choose the door template (slab or panel), the paint color, or wood type (13 options available, all sustainably harvested) and stain (all low or no VOC).

Visit the Website → Kokeena

The website makes it easy to contact Kokeena for a price quote. Just tell them about your project and they'll follow up with instructions for how to share your kitchen plan with them.

I think the company is fairly new, so if you have experience working with Kokeena, please share your thoughts here!

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