Maybe its better to switch to jalousie?

Unusual French curtains in the form of lamellas or "plisse" have received wide approval from designers. They have a wide range of applications: offices, conference rooms, apartments, private houses, schools,  persianas de seguridad para casas en Santiago. It is a unique design that adjusts the amount of light in the room. Some of them are equipped with an electric drive with a remote control.

A wide range of different materials, colors, textures is offered. For adherents of the classics, who value practicality, environmental friendliness and durability, original wooden models are suitable.

These curtains are well cared. Metal, plastic curtains are washed. Wooden ones are wiped with a damp cloth. Dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is for cloth ones.

If the lamellas break, you do not need to buy a new set. It is enough to order replacement of the damaged strips from the manufacturer.

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