Light as an important point

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How to make your Instagram page frequented? How to attract seguidores instagram? You need a creative idea, quality of the photo and good lighting. The light from the chandeliers and lamps makes the photo yellow and distorts colors - take photos only in daylight. Daylight doesn't mean a sunny day, it's just daylight. In this light, the photograph is "living": with natural colors and shadows. If it is dark in the house, move closer to the window, take pictures on the windowsill or equip a photozone near the window. Large windows always attract those people who like to take pictures or who like to be photographed. Unreasonably, the pictures at the stained glass window look more spectacular and elegant. If the windows are made in an unusual style, then is it nice not only to be photographed, but just to sit with a cup of coffee and admire the view.

Fruits secs et noix avantages surprenants des Fruits secs des noix.
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