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This window film is just as attractive on a window as it is advertised. The window film may be used to block out unsightly area outside of the window. It also may be used as an affordable way to filter light in a room. The film may be cut to fit smaller windows, including interior door panes. The design will go well with most decor. It is fairly easy to apply with a steady hand and a squeegee.

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3 months ago

Absolutely love these Window Films.

I installed this window film in our studio-office/spare bedroom. Like the picture shown on the website, I installed only on the bottom half of the window so we could still have the top half for seeing out, however I chose to install the design horizontally instead and it looks just as lovely either orientation. It even makes the window feel wider and bigger, a definite plus. Pros: As always, it was easy to install per the directions and squeegee included. The Colors are vibrant and radiant when ... read more the sun is coming directly in, and there is still enough sun coming through for my cat to enjoy. It instantly gives the room an overall elegance. The material is a very good quality. Thin enough to adhere to the window and not disrupt the opening and closing of it. And thick enough to not rip or tear at all during the instillation. No need to worry about being gentle. Cons: Not 100% opaque. Depending on your needs, this may not be a con at all. For us it isn't because we still have privacy during the day and do close our blinds at night. However, at night with the lights on and blinds open in the room, you can see shapes and colors of things in the room from the outside. It's not nearly as clear as through the window itself, everything is distorted by the design and texture of the window film, but it's also not 100% privacy at night. (For that, I'd recommend the Rice Paper design.) This is my sixth purchase of an Artscape decorative window film and I am just as pleased with this one as the previous five. We live in a corner house with a lot of windows facing two streets, so before purchasing Artscape it was a choice between open blinds and feeling like I live in a fishbowl, or closed blinds and feeling like it's a cave. Other designs we have purchased and love include: New Leaf, Wild Rose, Waterlines, Etched Glass, and Rice Paper. Bonus: The little Squeegee included is so handy for other random jobs after installation. Most designs have one included so we keep one in every bathroom, the kitchen, and laundry room. Basically anywhere you can have a water spill.

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