Window Treatments for sliding Doors

A Stylish Window Treatment for Sliding Doors

wave drapery window treatmentRemember a year ago when I wrote about our sliding door window treatment dilemma? At last I finally found the perfect solution, and the most attractive I might add! I considered a DIY version but luckily Smith and Noble offered their assistance in the form of a Wave Fold Drapery treatment and I couldn’t be happier with the final result!

I’ve loved their treatments since I first ordered roman shades from Smith and Noble twelve years ago, last year we added their plantation shutters to this home, and today I’m delighted to be featuring another one of their quality custom treatments with you.

Here is a reminder of the yellowed vertical blinds and valance that hung in the same spot when we bought this house… ICK.

I’d describe my hatred of these vertical blinds much the same as Mrs. White’s reaction. “Flames… on the side of my face…” One of the first things I did was to tear them down but I was left with nothing in their place for a year, but having nothing was so much better than the before.vertical blinds before We did replace the sliding door and windows last fall which helped dramatically with UV protection and temperature control but I was still left with the problem of penetrating morning sunlight and no privacy on this wall for months.

Enter these Wave Fold Drapery panels on a track, a modern stylish window treatment for a sliding door. That fabric you see is the Mod Zebra in the Spa color, I love this pattern and soft colorway. The system acts like a vertical blind in its ability to slide back and forth but has the beauty of fabric window panels, it is such a fresh solution to a decades old dilemma.

The fabric blocks the light from the adjacent window on the left, but I wanted it that way since we never ever open it and I loved the look of one long panel that would just hang there and look gorgeous even when pulled back.

The fabric drapes were custom made, I measured the wall and then emailed this diagram to Smith and Noble.

wave drapery behind sofaAfter a few emails back and forth clarifying the details, what arrived in the mail two weeks later were the Lexington rod, mounting brackets, custom drapes in my fabric of choice, and this ingenious little hanging system hidden inside the back of the fabric.

Those hooks connect to the sliding tabs (see bottom left) inside the wall mounted track so the drapes slide back and forth easily.

The installation wasn’t difficult, Matt located the wall studs and attached the mounting brackets (you could use drywall screws if no stud). The first picture shows the mounting brackets attached to the wall, the second shows the cap that hides the bracket screws, they support the rod that holds the sliding fabric panels.

This entire system includes three full widths of fabric so there are waves and fullness even when pulled closed. At the right end closest to the door opening, I attached a pull rod that comes with the drapes so that they move back and forth for privacy and light control and also so the edges remain smudge free over the years.

This wave fold drapery system is the loveliest backdrop to this corner of the family room, they are lined but not light blocking (that option is available if you want it) so that they appear white from outdoors, and I love how the natural light still filters through them.

The wave fold drapery panels help to tie all the blues together for a cohesive feel. Here’s a peek from the kitchen peninsula, you’ll see the new sink and countertops are in! I’ll have more to share on that space in July.

Find more examples of the custom wave fold drapery system on the Smith and Noble website.

wave fold drapery side view plastic wrapped drapes hooks inside mounting brackets 2
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      You could also consider a decorative paneled screen to place in front of the doors. Or just hang some white sheers over the door.