Doors with glitter

Glitter paint can be used for finishing the actual door surface. Reflective particles add a touch of glamor to the interior.

Important: glitter for sale is added only to a transparent base in a proportion of 2-25% of the base volume, depending on the desired result. Do not use electric mixers to mix glitter with varnish.

Before using glitter for paint, think about what effect you want. For home decor, delicate shades of rainbow glitters are most often used, it is possible to highlight individual areas with colored or holographic particles. For a public institution, any type of decor is suitable for its purpose. For example, fluorescent glitter would be appropriate in a nightclub.

Important: silver sparkles are suitable for cold paint tones, bronze, copper and gold - for warm ones.

Finishing painting of walls with glitters allows you to use a wide range of tools - a wide brush, a sponge, a spray gun, a roller (simple, embossed, with applications).

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

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