Window frame Replacement cost

Cost to Repair a Window Frame

Window frames protect your home from the elements and play a significant part in your home heating and cooling costs. Keep your home healthy by ensuring window frames are free from gaps and cracks. Most homes have window frames about 40 by 55 inches.

Cost breakdown

  • Labor: the labor to repair a window frame depends on the type of frame damaged and the size of damage. Expect labor to cost $35-$65 per hour.
  • Broken wooden window frame: a broken wood window frame should be patched with the wood or wood composite that the frame was made from. This can take up to 2 hours of labor (0) and patches or filler wood ($50-$250) for a total of $180-$380.
  • Broken vinyl or fiberglass window frame: a cracked or damaged vinyl or fiberglass window frame can be patched with fiberglass gel and color matched to match any vinyl or fiberglass color. This takes 3 hours of labor which will cost around $200 according to a national fiberglass and vinyl restoration company. Patching and color matching will cost around $400. This places the total at around $600.
  • Broken aluminum window frame: repair a broken aluminum window frame by reglazing the frame. Reglazing the sash can take up to 2 hours (0) and can be expected to cost $350 according to the professionals at Home Depot. This is expected to cost $480.

Enhancement and improvement costs

  • Replace window frames: upgrade rotten or destroyed window frames with a low-maintenance solution and lower energy costs. This has an average cost of $1000.
  • Remove and dispose old frames: the costs to remove and dispose of old windows costs around $75-$250 per window. This includes transporting the window to the disposal location.

Additional considerations and costs

  • Broken or leaking nail fin: nail fins are strips of small nails used to attach a window frame to the wall. Sometimes, these fins may break or corrode and need replacement. Replacing the nail fins typically costs $65-$120, however, the area on the frame may need to be repaired, or the frame may need to be replaced.
  • Lead paint is a concern in homes built before 1978. Ensure that lead paint is removed appropriately for around $8-$15 per sq.ft.
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