Sliding glass Door handles

Prime-Line Patio Door Handle Set with Wooden Handle-C 1204

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding this item. In short, the keyway angle can be viewed by following these simple steps: 1) Remove the handle set from the door. 2) Rotate the latch to the locked positon. 3) Check the position of the slotted keyway while in the locked position to determine if it stands vertical, or if it is slanted at a 45 degree angle. Following these simple steps mentioned above will answer your submitted inquiry, but that is only one of the features that must be matched to ensure the proper selection and purchase is made.

Prime-Line Products has a variety of Mortise Locks from which to choose from that are compatible with this handle. To determine which mortise lock is the one you need, it will be necessary to remove the existing mortise lock to match all its pertinent dimensions.

Kindly visit and follow these steps to view the available product we offer:

1. Go to Prime-Line's website.
2. Click on [Exterior Door Hardware] on the left side of your screen.
3. Click on [Residential Sliding Patio Door Hardware]; top, center photo of sliding patio door.
4. Click on [Sliding Glass Door Locks, Latches and Accessories]; bottom, center photo depicting key cylinder and mortise lock.
5. Click on [Mortise Latches]; 2nd photo from left on top row.
6. Once at this level, look under the “Refine Search” column to the left of your screen and for each sub-category, click on the specification that matches your door’s dimensions or features.
7. Compare all relevant dimensions as illustrated in the line drawings and make your selection based on these specifications.

Once a matching Mortise Lock has been selected for purchasing it can be ordered by clicking on the Home Depot Logo embedded within the Prime-Line Website beneath the item page, or you can special ordered it at your local Home Depot and have it delivered to the same, or directly to your home.

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