How to Hang Cabinet doors?

How to Hang a Cabinet Door

Use time-tested tricks to hang cabinet doors.Use time-tested tricks to hang cabinet doors.

Cabinet doors are standardized with common measurements for hinge placement. And even though there are many different type of hinges, they all use similar methods when it comes to door hanging. Most cabinet doors are installed when cabinets are lying flat. But you can hang almost any door after the cabinet is installed using only simple tools.

Door Hinge Placement

Always consider hinge placement before installing hinges on any cabinet door. This comes before the door is hung, and standard hinge placement measurements should be used. When installing the hinges on the door, it's common to measure down 2 inches from the top corner of the door and 2 inches up from the bottom corner. To give the door adequate support, this measurement should remain consistent on all of the cabinet doors you will be installing.

Position and Clamp

Most cabinet doors overlap the opening by 3/4 inch. If yours differ, just make sure that the overlap is equal on all sides or that the overlap is consistent. If you get confused, use previously installed doors for reference. If you have no reference, hold the door in place on the opening. Split the difference between the bottom and top and then measure from the bottom of the door to the bottom edge of the cabinet. Cut a piece of 3/4-inch scrap wood to that measurement. It should be at least as long as the bottom of the door. Clamp it to the edge on the bottom of the cabinet for a brace to hold the door in place.

Place the Door

After the hinges are screwed onto the door, stand the door on the 3/4-inch block. Slide the door sideways as needed to balance the overlap on both sides. Check the horizontal position of the door. Depending on what type of hinge you have, it may fit over the edge on the opening. If this is the case, then the horizontal door position won't be an issue. The door can only fit one way. Typical overlay hinges can float, though, and you must move the door into horizontal position over the opening by sliding it back and forth on the support block.

Screw It On

Before placing the cabinet door on the support block, you should place a screw in the magnetic tip of the drill/driver. This is a trick that all cabinetmakers use so that when you pick up the gun, it already has a screw in place ready to go. You will be holding the door in place on the cabinet with one hand and reaching for the gun with the other hand, so make sure the gun is also within arm's reach when you put the door on the block. Pick up the gun and guide the screw into one of the hinge holes on the top hinge. Screw it into the hinge. The door will now stay in place, but be careful as you put another screw in the magnetic tip. Put the next screw in the bottom hinge and finish by installing the next two screws. Remove the clamp and support block to finish.

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