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Find Window Blinds for Your Door

While doors with windows can be beautiful, they often leave less privacy for our home than we desire. You can find the perfect window blinds for your doors to help ensure that you keep your home private. Browse below to learn more about French doors, sliding glass doors, front doors, and how to get the right window treatments for each.

French Doors

A common problem for French Door blinds is that the handles get in the way of functionality. The solution is to buy shallow blinds for your French doors that fit comfortably between the door and decorative handles. French door blinds should enhance the beauty of your doors, and match the other window treatments in the room.

The blinds or shades you choose may depend on the amount of light you want to let in. If you prefer to completely block light, choose a blackout roller or honeycomb shade. If you prefer to allow some light in, choose a light filtering shade.

Tips for French Door Blinds

You can use any type of window treatment for French doors, but there are some things you need to consider.

Outside Mount

Window treatments for the door will be mounted on the outside of the window because unlike regular windows, the French door window has no depth. It is important the window treatment you decide on can be mounted on the outside.

Door Handles

Your door will most likely have a handle that might get in the way of operating the window treatment. The solution is to buy shallow blinds that fit comfortably between the door and decorative handles. Most 1” blinds, roller shades and honeycomb shades will fit behind the door handle, assuming there is 1” clearance.

Hold Down Brackets

When your window treatment is lowered, it may move when the door is opened and closed. To prevent this, use hold down brackets to keep the bottom of the blind or shade in place.

Front Doors

Many front door windows present different challenges when choosing a window treatment as they come in many shapes and sizes. Even though you picked out the perfect door for your home there is no reason you can't control the light and privacy you want like the other windows in your home.

Sidelight Windows

Sidelight Windows are common around front door areas. Privacy is often a consideration for these windows, and it is important to consider how your window treatment will look from the outside. Popular window treatment choices for sidelight windows include window film, honeycomb shades, wood or faux wood blinds, mini blinds or roller shades.

Covering Door Arches

If you have an arch window in your door, the cellular arches are a good choice. Cellular arches fan into a semi-circle. They can be either mounted on the inside or outside depending on the mounting depth and surface. A popular choice are the brand BioArch.

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CHICOLOGY Chicology Sliding Panel, Provence Maple
  • Adjustable track size 43 1/4 up to 78
  • 4 fabric panels at 22 x 96
  • Adjust height to desired measurement.
  • All hardware included and easy to install
  • Open left to right, right to left, or center open it is up to you.
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