Python Garage Door Opener

Frequently Asked Questions

We can provide you with a broad range of opener accessories from remote controls to wireless keypads. You will first need to determine if your opener is a newer model with CodeDodger or an older model that does not have CodeDodger. However, if your opener was manufactured before 1980, you have an analog type opener that we no longer carry remotes for and your system will need to be upgraded with a new receiver kit.

Yes. A residential door requires a minimum of 4 ½” of headroom space. Your system will need a low headroom extension track or a low headroom torsion rear track. For a garage door opener you’ll need slightly more headroom, about 6 ½” minimum.

We recommend you have your garage door inspected annually. We can give you the most thorough evaluation and perform routine maintenance as needed.

Depending upon the damage involved to the garage door system, it is possible in many cases to replace a section of your garage door. Our Sales Department can evaluate your situation and give you a recommendation on the best course of action.

All Overhead Door steel garage doors can be painted with the color of your choice by using latex paint.

In general, standard sizes for door widths are 8’, 9’ 10’, 12’, 15’, 16’, 18’ and 20’. Some door series may have exceptions to this rule. Contact us about the availability of specific sizes or custom width doors.

This is similar to asking a person who is purchasing an automobile…which is better…a V6 or a V8? The answer depends on what is important to the consumer… gas mileage, torque, emissions, etc. The same is true for consumers purchasing garage door openers. You will need to determine what is truly important to you. For example:

1. (Dependability) How often do you enter/exit your home through the garage versus the front entry door?

2. (Accessories) How many automobiles and drivers are there?

3. (Quiet) Do you have living areas/ bedrooms above or adjacent to the garage?

4. (Motor Power) What type of garage door do you have on your home?

5. (Reliability) Do you value the “peace of mind” associated with strong warranties?

6. (Clearance) Do you have any structural issues with your garage such as headroom, back hang distance or obstructions?

7. (Quality) Do you prefer products built in the U.S.A.?

Yes…Overhead Door garage door openers are compatible with HomeLink models that are equipped with rolling code technology. In December 1996, HomeLink was in a transition process to a rolling code compatible offering. The transition was scheduled to run through the 1997 model year. Following the transition period, all current production is rolling code compatible. Please note…the operating range from your HomeLink transmitter will be LESS than the standard Overhead Door CodeDodger transmitter.

Yes… it is required. As of January 1, 1993, the federal government mandated the use of these entrapment protection systems on all garage door openers sold in the United States. The opener will not close the door if the Safe-T-Beams are not installed. Please remember… the garage door is typically the largest moving object in the home. These devices are intended to minimize the potential for property damage…and more importantly, minimize personal injury.

The STB lens should be 4” to 6” above the garage floor!

1. Safe-T-Beam Non-Contact Reversing System: Places an invisible infrared beam across the door opening that reverses the door during down travel to the fully open position if anything passes through the beam.

2. Safe-T-Reverse Contact Reversing System: Automatically stops and reverses a closing door within 2 seconds of contact with an object. Remember, force controls must be adjusted properly.

3. Safe-T-Stop Timed Reverse System: Automatically opens a closing door if the door does not close within 30 seconds.

4. Force Guard Control: Allows user to set the MINIMUM force needed to fully open and close the door.

5. Automatic Lighting System: Light will turn on each time the door is activated and automatically turns off 4-1/2 minutes later.

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