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How to Program a Garage Door Opener to a Vehicle

On the back side of your garage door opener is a panel called the logic board (see the photo above). The logic board is the computer or brain of the machine. Most new garage door openers now are a multi-code machine. That means that it uses several signals each time you press the button on your remote control. This is for security, so your code can't be stolen by a code-grabber.

Now, comes the step of programing the vehicle to your garage door opener. Once you have followed the instructions on programing your vehicle, you now have to "teach" the car to connect to the garage door opener. You will need some help doing this.

  1. First, you will have to get someone to press the button in your vehicle and hold it down, while someone else has to press the learn button on the back your your garage door opener mounted on the ceiling. (The learn button on the back of your machine will be square if using a liftmaster machine. Craftsman, Liftmaster, Chamberlain are all the same. Their learn buttons are square, and usually are yellow, red/orange, or purple. If using a Genie, it has a button that says "learn button.")
  2. The person pushing the button on the machine will only have to push and release the learn button. Do not hold this button down. If you do, it erases all of the programming in the machine, and you have to re-program all the remote controls that you have, and that's not a fun process.
  3. Programing the vehicle to the machine only takes a second. When the machine accepts the code, the light bulb on the machine should flash for a brief moment, and you should hear an audible click.
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