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We carry replacement parts, repair parts and accessories for 6 Chamberlain Garage Door Opener models



Model 2280-976 (57 parts)


Model 2280-267 (57 parts)
Model 2280 (57 parts)
Model 248754 (48 parts)
Model WD962KLD (48 parts)
Model WD962KD (48 parts)

Commuters and casual drivers alike rely on their Chamberlin garage door opener to protect their vehicles from the elements. When the door won't open, this prevents homeowners from making the most of their space and leaves their vehicles open to the weather. When your Chamberlain garage door opener fails to operate, try these troubleshooting and repair tips to fix the issue.

Adjust and Align the Garage Door Opener

Check the alignment of the motor unit and the rail if your garage door opener isn't working properly. Realignment of these parts may be necessary for repair, including adjusting the settings for force and travel limits. To perform this repair, follow the instructions in your owner's manual and make sure the photoelectric eyes are properly aligned.

Repair or Replace External Wiring

External wiring components connect the garage door opener's motor to the wall-mounted door control and safety sensor. Inspect the wires to ensure they're securely attached to the photoelectric eyes, each with two wires, and the wall unit. Strip insulation from the ends of cut wires and reattach them, and be sure that the terminals on the back of the motor unit are secured to the wires. Any pinched, exposed or frayed wires should be replaced with garage door opener repair parts immediately.

Program the Remote

Sometimes garage door opener troubleshooting is as simple as programming the remote to link with a vehicle's built-in garage door opener control. Follow the steps in your vehicle's owners manual to clear old codes and programming, and to update the software to ensure everything's compatible.

Sears PartsDirect provides a wide array of Chamberlain garage door opener repair parts to keep your system in optimal condition. To find the right fit for your repair needs, choose your model from the list above, click the chat button, or call 1-800-252-1698.

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