Android Garage Door Opener

Control Your Garage Door Opener with Your Smartphone

If you're tired of using a big, separate box to open your garage door, DIYer Lou Prado shows us how to mod your garage door to open with your smartphone, with only a Bluetooth headset and a $1 transistor from RadioShack.

This project is actually pretty simple: you'll need some soldering skills, but it doesn't require any advanced electronics. Just grab a $1 transistor from RadioShack, a Bluetooth headset (if you don't already have one), and a soldering iron. Basically, you'll be using the headset's audio amplifier to send a signal to your garage door opener. The mod works with a number of popular garage door openers, and even has a dedicated app on Android (iPhone version coming soon) to make the process a little bit easier.

Hit the link below for more info, and check out the video above to see a step-by-step guide. Of course, if you have trouble opening your door, you can always break into it from the outside.

. You can also find him on Twitter , Facebook , and lurking around our #tips page.
Mega West Enterprise INC Open Sesame HNAOS01 Smart Phone iPhone Android Garage Door Opener Remote Control, Small, Black
Home Improvement (Mega West Enterprise INC)
  • Transform your iPhone or Android phone in to a garage remote
  • Super easy installation
  • Works without Wi-Fi connection
  • Pair as many smartphones as you like!
  • You can still use your original garage remote as you like!
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LiftMaster MyQ Android App - Add a Garage Door Opener & Light
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Asante Asante Alert Notification Garage Door Opener Sensor, get notified when your garage door is opened or closed
Home Improvement (Asante)
  • Add-on sensor for Asante Garage Door Opener with Camera Kit
  • Allows user to receive an Email or SMS notification every time the garage door opens or closes
  • Easily installed
  • Free app works with Android and iOS
BlueRadios, Inc Mongoose - Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless - Garage Door Opener
Home Improvement (BlueRadios, Inc)
  • Easily installs on existing 2-wire garage door motors with the exception as listed below.
  • Use your Apple iOS device as a remote, does not support Android
  • Activation Logs, Alert Emails, and Status LED. Low Battery Alert.
  • Mongoose Garage Opener power supply. Works with or without Mongoose 2- batteries installed.
  • Included: 5V USB wall mount charger and 3ft USB 2.0 A Male to Micro 5pin Male 28/28AWG Cable.
Genie Genie Aladdin Connect Smartphone Enabled Garage Door Controller
Home Improvement (Genie)
  • Aladdin Connect control and monitor the status of your garage door from anywere with your smartphone
  • Control up to three doors with additional sensors.
  • Programmable. Set times when you would like your door to be open or closed.
  • Is compatible with other gate opener brands.
  • Easy setup. Installs quickly.
Sommer USA Gogogate2 With Wireless Garage Door Sensor, Open, Close, and Monitor Your Garage Door From Anywhere with Your Smartphone
Home Improvement (Sommer USA)
  • Universal garage door controllers with wireless sensor included. Works on iPhone, Android phone, PC, Tablet and Apple Watch
  • Real time garage door status and temperature monitoring feature to know if door is open or closed. Remote Alerts on Smartphone and via email (Open, Left Open, Closed...
  • Video Monitoring feature to integrate your existing IP camera to the device. See real time what happens in your garage and record all events (More than 1500 models...
  • Access Management feature: grant and deny access up to 10 different users for free. Set different schedules and give access to different doors and video if necessary
  • Set different schedules and give access to different doors and video if necessary
  • Easy to install device and sensor. Compatible with both garage doors and gates. Single unit controls up to 3 different doors or gates
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