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Elegant dark front door to homeNeed inspiration for a new front door? Check out this diverse collection of photos of 25 cool front door designs for houses.

The front door is what takes you into a house. Welcoming, intimidating, bold, meek, or charming, the front door says a lot about the homeowner.

As one of the first elements visitors encounter, the front door also enjoys the effect of primacy. And as everyone knows, first impressions are valuable assets.

Below you’ll find a selection of 25 front doors to consider. Some may be to your liking; others you may find off-putting. Focus on the details as well as the structural components of the front doors to find what creates the feel to which you most aspire.

1. The sweeping curve of this entryway that surrounds a rectangular door is echoed in the curve of the steps leading to the door. The dramatic – but still muted – entrance is further enhanced by the sconces and planters flanking the door. The browns and creams complete a very natural, earth-y look.

2. The first thing you may notice about this door is the beautiful inlaid glass. The blue and red of the glasswork pairs well with the blue paint chosen for the entry itself. And the glasswork in three panels – two flanking the door and the door itself – showcases a beautiful geometrical design. The door handle in the center of the door completes the look.

Dark brown front door recessed into the front foyer

3. The below entrance would be a lot of fun to invite guests into. Almost hobbit-like, the rounded wooden doors are at the same time humble, but very interesting. With the skewed-set window, the effect is actually a little mysterious.

The window in the door itself mimics the window to the left of the door. The stone-work sets off the woodwork beautifully, and the classic geraniums piled into the window complete the considerable charm of this entrance.

In all, it makes you want to know what lies behind that door.

4. The classic red door will never go out of style. Here it is in all its glory, featuring a humble door handle that works beautifully with the glass inset adorned with minimal embellishment. The mostly blue and green foliage alongside the door help to provide a striking contrast. The bell and light fixture feel whimsically charming. If you like this red door, you’ll LOVE our special gallery!

Blue door with stained glass windows

5. An old and faded wooden building can still set the stage for a charming entrance. The blue doorway against a backdrop of yellow is classic and welcoming. The white helps to emphasize the blue, while the walkway up to the door matches the door, giving the look a planned cohesiveness.

6. Note the fabulous planters adorning the sides of this beautiful old wooden door. The angular planters – coupled with rounded nature of the plants – emulates the doorway itself with its angular structure and rounded arch at the top. The light fixtures add to the charm.

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7. This glass door with its horizontal panes works beautifully with the horizontal beams leading up to it. With the sun casting shadows on the walkway that repeat this horizontal pattern, the look is unifying and edifying for the viewer. The pattern is further strengthened with the horizontal lines along the wall to the left, with a planter softening the strong look.

8. The geometrical pattern of this wooden door surprises with its one square adornment alongside the circular ones. The brass knocker completes the look.

9. An old metal door can work in many settings. It evokes a look of mystery and hints at an interesting interior.

11. An aluminium front door has a sleek and contemporary look:

12. Double front doors in glass give a grand but contemporary impression. The frosted glass with the black metal casings completes the sleek and clean look.

13. A bold look, this door with blue inset glass and a rod-like handle is dramatic without being overwhelming. The blue pairs well with the red hued brick-like tilework.

The blue planter alongside the door mimics the blue in the glass, and the white paint grounds the look. A sleek mailbox emphasizes the contemporary nature of this front entrance.

Large double front door with arch bordered with brick Bright red front door to house with window and mail slot Blue door with white frame as entry for yellow home Double wood door with arched top
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