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Front Door Ideas

A new front door costs usually at least $200 and goes up from there. Front doors can be installed yourself or you can have them installed by a local hardware store. If you are getting a custom-made door it is important to make sure that you check not only the price of the door but the installation fee as well. Learn more about front doors in our easy home improvement guide.

How do I update my front door on a budget?

There are a few quick and easy ways to update your front door in a matter of minutes. First off, you can hang a wreath or some sort of seasonal decoration on the door. Even if you have an uninteresting door, this small decoration instantly boosts its appeal. You can also surround your front door with additional decorations. If you have seasonal décor, styling your front door is a cinch. If you do have decorations outside make sure that they are weatherproof. Finally, if you are looking for a decoration that fits with every season think about adding planters outside your front door. You can plant flowers, and herb garden, or even produce. This is a quick and easy way to give your front door more appeal without incurring major costs.

Should I paint my front door?

Painting your front door is a great way to update your home exterior quickly. It is also a nice way to change the way your house looks without repainting the entire thing. Since painting a front door is usually inexpensive and takes only a couple of hours, you can get creative. For summer you might have a bright sunny yellow, where as come fall your might change it to a rich red. The possibilities are endless; don't be afraid to have a little bit of fun. Each time you paint your front door you can also consider changing up your hardware. A different handle or even a fancy knocker and change the look of a front door dramatically. Take a look our guide to curb appeal to learn more.

What style should my front door be?

It is best if your front door matches the style of the exterior of your house. While some mixing and matching of design styles can create visual interest, it is important to have some cohesion. If you have a cottage-style house, then a wooden barn door could be a nice design style choice. Don't let the design world limit what you choose for your front door, but it is important to think about how your house looks as a whole before deciding on a front door design. Confused about design styles? Check out our design style quiz to find out which home design style is right for you!

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