Bookshelves With Glass Doors

Bookshelves and bookcases add a finished look to any room

The bookshelf debate continues: tall or short, built-in or freestanding, metal or wood or both? No wonder buying bookshelves can be time consuming and confusing too. When making your choice, the main things to consider are the existing decor in the room where this piece will live and what you'll want to display on this bookshelf.
Traditional decor begs for a wooden bookshelf. Whether it's a freestanding bookshelf or a wall-mounted bookshelf, a rich wood finish brings warmth to established decor. If you're looking to transition your style, a metal bookcase, especially one with metallic accents and glass shelves, can add storage without the visual weight of wood. Sometimes called an etagere, these bookshelves provide a lighter look and offer a new take on living room and family room storage.
Bookshelves are a key piece for the home office as well. Many bookshelves are part of a collection with matching desk and filing options, too. Create a coordinated look with a desk that brings your office together. Use rugs, and even an upholstered desk chair to soften the appearance of heavier wood home office group. If you're not a fan of matching sets, use your creativity to coordinate your own look. Add a pop of color with a bookshelf that features a brightly painted backboard, or create a more modern look with a bookshelf with an asymmetrical shelf design.
Remember, bookshelves aren't just for books! These extremely versatile pieces can solve many home storage and display dilemmas. Use a bookshelf as a place to show off photos of your family. Collections from stamps to sea shells can be easily displayed on a bookshelf, and so can knick-knacks and souvenirs. Photo albums, magazine archives, films and DVDs can also find a tidy spot on your bookshelf. Whether it's short or tall, wood or metal, choose a bookshelf you love and you'll be sure to enjoy it for years to come.

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  • avatar Looking for a bookcase, preferably with glass doors, maybe traditional? | Yahoo Answers
    • I have seen a nice one in John Lewis. i find them really good for prices (after all they have a price promise) and quility. You can also find them on the net if theres not a shop near you. hope that helps ..

  • avatar How to repair bowed leaded glass bookcase door.?
    • Dear Teri,
      If the panels are bowing, it tells me that the reinforcing is possibly inadequate. My best recommendation is to find a qualified studio to reinforce them properly. If they are sliders there may not be sufficient clearance for fins or saddle bars. The panels may need internal reinforcing.
      If proper care of the panels is not something you can do immediately, try laying them flat in the reverse of which they were laying. (Maybe place the door frames on wood blocks so the panels are not resting on anything.) Do not force them as you will break glass. This is only a temporary fix …