Packing your luggage

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When you work at home, the situation begins to bother and you want to change the view outside the window and see the tall palm trees instead of the usual trees, hear the sound of the surf, but not the signals of the automobiles.

At such moments, you just need to pack a suitcase and go to warm countries. Don't forget to exchange money - cupo en dolares. In order not to take too much you should make a list of all things you need, and review it several times, striking out the excess. You will need clothes from thin fabric, it should be from flax or cotton. Concerning shoes, you will need only flip-flops and one pair of sandals, for example. Sunscreen should be taken in the first place, because the sun is very strong and you can burn instantly.

Going to warm countries, you should remember that it is very hot there and you do not need anything except for light clothing. The main thing is to follow the rules and not to take too much.

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