Barn Door Lighting

Stage lighting accessories

Barn doors are generally not used with "profile" or "ellipsoidal reflector" spotlights such as the Source Four because they have internal shutters which work more effectively. Barn doors are not effective at shaping the light of a PAR lights and a narrower lens would be a better way to do this.

Top hat[edit]

A top hat, also known as a stove pipe or snoot, is a device used in theatrical lighting to shield the audience's eyes from the direct source of the light. It is shaped like a top hat with a hole in the top, and the brim being inserted into the gel frame holder on a lighting instrument. The cylinder allows light to pass through but takes away the glint of a lighting instrument facing the audience. It also reduces flare created by the light, which is often useful when the unit is hung near the proscenium or other objects that the designer does not want to light. There are also half-hats or "eyelashes", which function in a similar manner but have only half the cylinder, and short hats, which are shorter in length. Top hats are manufactured for most modern-day lighting instruments with gel frames of varying sizes.

Gel extender[edit]

Gel extenders are similar to top hats in appearance, being a tube placed over the end of a lighting fixture. Unlike top hats, however, gel extenders have a colour frame holder built into the end to allow color gel to be mounted. Gel extenders are also available in a conical shape which does not constrict the beam of light output from the fixture at all.

Colour frame[edit]

Gel Frames and color gels

A colour frame or gel frame is a piece of folded material, made from either metal or cardboard, designed to hold colour media (gel). Colour frames are placed directly outside the fixture, immediately in front of lens assembly. Most fixtures include an integrated holder for the frame. Some accessories designed to mount in the gel frame holder, such as Barn Doors, occasionally include an integrated replacement slot for frames.


A doughnut, or donut, is a thin metal or cardboard panel, similar in shape and appearance to a colour frame, but with a small diameter hole intended to reduce off-axis rays of light being projected from a fixture. This increases sharpness of the light by reducing the effect of imperfect lenses. Doughnuts are designed to fit into the colour frame holder directly outside the fixture, immediately in front of lens assembly. Because they are typically thin, doughnuts can often be placed in the same slot as a gel frame. Doughnuts are typically used in fixtures in order to sharpen the beam when a template is in place.

Color scroller[edit]

A 6" and 8" color scroller.

A color scroller, color changer, or "scroller" is a lighting accessory used to change color gels on stage lighting instruments without the need of a person to be in the vicinity of the light. It is attached in the gel frame holder on the outside of a lighting instrument, immediately in front of lens assembly. The "scroll" of colours inside the colour changer allows a single fixture to output several different colours, or no colour, and to rapidly change between colours on command. Most scrollers are controlled via DMX512 protocol, but some newer models also utilize the RDM protocol.

Moving mirror attachment[edit]

A moving mirror attachment is an ellipsoidal spotlight accessory that allows you to remotely re-position the beam of light, so that a single luminaire in a fixed position can be used for multiple "specials" in dozens of locations. Two of the most prominent models are the Elipscan by Meteor and the Rosco I-Cue.


Beam Bender A beam bender is essentially a large adjustable mirror, mounted into the color slot on the front of a lighting fixture. It is designed to allow a fixture to be mounted at right angles to the desired direction to be lit and have the output reflected (bent) accordingly. Drop in Boomerang A Boomerang, also known as a Color magazine is a series of colored filters on hinges. A "Drop in Boomerang" is designed to mount into the color slot of a lighting fixture and provide the operator with several manually selected gels. Most often this accessory is seen in conjunction with the, when a fixture is being used as a small replacement followspot.

Pattern holder[edit]

A (used) gobo in a gobo holder
Limostudio LimoStudio 2Pcs Photo Video Studio Continuous Light Lighting kit, Studio Barn Door Light Head with JDD Light Bubls, LMS682
Photography (Limostudio)
  • (2) x 150W Continuous Lighting Photo Video Studio Barndoor Light Accent Background Light
  • (2) x Photography Studio JDD Light Bulb
  • (2) x 86 Studio Quality Adjustable Light Stand
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Limostudio LimoStudio Photography Photo Studio Continuous LED Day Light Bulb Barndoor Light Stand Kit, AGG1697
Photography (Limostudio)
  • (1) x Professional Photography Photo Studio Lighting Video Barndoor Light
  • (1) x Super Bright LED Flood Light Bulb
  • (1) x 86 Tall Studio Quality High Output Light Stand
Neewer Neewer Barn Door and Honeycomb Grid and Gel Set for Hensel, Elinchrom, Photogenic
Photography (Neewer)
  • Great for all monolight brands using a 4 diameter reflector including Elinchrom, Bowens, Profoto, Novatron, Speedotron , Norman Smith-Victor, Hensel , Alien Bees...
  • The Universal Barn door Kit comes with a grid and 4 color gels with metal frames.
  • Using a barndoor set will allow you to control light cast of subject when attached to the front of the reflector of your light source.
  • A 4-leaf barndoor provides more light control than a 2-leaf barndoor set.
  • High quality barn door with honeycomb
Neewer Neewer Black Four Leaf Barn Door Barndoor for Photography Studio Flash Light
Photography (Neewer)
  • Suitable for studio flash with reflector dish, mainly for professional portrait photography and product photography.
  • Barndoors are an ideal accessory to enhance any photography setup as they provide a mechanism to alter the shape, intensity and color of flash and continuous lights.
  • Attaching barndoors to light sources creates a beam spread of light that can be altered per the need of the photographer.
  • The size of the beam can be modified by changing the opening between the flaps or the distance of the light source from the subject.
  • The barn doors are on hinges at an angle of 180 degree foldable, outside is satin black.
LimoStudio LimoStudio LED Day Light Bulb 2 pcs x Continuous Barndoor Light Stand Kit for Photography Photo Studio, AGG1698
Photography (LimoStudio)
  • (2) x Professional Photography Photo Studio Lighting Video Barndoor Light
  • (2) x 2630 Lumen Super Bright LED Flood Light Bulb
  • (2) x 86 Tall Studio Quality High Output Light Stand
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