Removing house windows

Removing Windows

If your window frame (the jambs and sill) is in bad condition or if you want to change the size of your window, you will need to remove the old window. Chances are you will also end up modifying the siding and changing the wall framing.

Unless you don't mind being windowless for a long period, plan the job so you can start framing and installing the new window right away. You can measure for the new window while the old one is in place. Order and inspect the new window before you remove the old.

You can remove the sashes first, then dismantle the frame; this is the best solution for a second- or third-story window. These pages show how to remove the window with the sashes in place.

Prestart Checklist

About 2 hours to remove a window

Hammer, flat pry bar, drill with screwdriver bit, utility knife, slip-joint pliers, reciprocating saw, handsaw

Basic carpentry skills

Place drop cloths on the floor and seal off the room's doors with plastic. Place a tarp or sheets of plywood outside the window to protect the lawn and plants.

Gila Gila GTR200 Window Film Removal Tool Kit
Home Improvement (Gila)
  • Tested by window film installation professionals
  • Ready to use
  • Use to remove window film
  • 16 Fluid Ounce spray bottle
  • Includes mini scraper
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MCA Plastic String Reinforced Poly Sheeting 10 Feet X 100 Feet, 6 Mil Nominal, Transparent/White, Durable, Top Quality Visqueen
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  • Multi-purpose plastic membrane.
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  • For construction & painting jobs, as a vapor, dust or moisture barrier, tarp, concrete cover
  • + Glazing, drop cloth, outdoor material cover, reinforcing storm windows, & more.
  • Made in USA. Multiple sizes of rolled poly available - Find the best size for the job.
MyGift Clear Vintage Style Decorative Ribbed Glass Plant Mister Bottle with Top Pump
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  • Plant mister featuring a glass bottle and a plastic top pump.
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