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Exactly what was advertised

The windows on our home were installed by the previous owner in the 1990s and we had to replace the screens. I went to our local HD store in Springfield VA store, and the got some excellent advice from one of your employees. I was very happy to know that I could order them on-line from HD. The explanation of the product was very clear and now I have five new screens for my windows. I checked with a local business and they would have charged 2X the price that I paid at HD for new screens. I'm ... read more very satisfied with this purchase.


1 day ago

These are awesome

Very high quality and stay in place very well! Should have ordered them years ago to save the stress of picking up the old ones when they fall out of the Windows.


1 month ago

Great price

This screen fit my window perfectly. Excellent quality.

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4 years ago

Worth your money!

My mom bought these for her home and then suggested that I get them for my newly built home. I use them in the windows when I go to work so that I don't have to shut them completely in fear that it will rain. The first time I used them I came home to the rain comming down sideways in buckets. My house was dry! They only reason I gave four stars is that they twist slightly in the middle while in the window and the top will slant into the house out of the window. I would prefer that they remain ... read more firmly in the window. Despite them slanting in, the house stays dry even in a near monsoon and they allow air to circulate.


7 months ago

Works perfectly

Pretty straightforward. A good solution if you cannot install window screens easily


1 week ago

Great Window Screen Vents

Had these years ago in another apartment and loved being able to install them with the regular window screen behind them and an automatic twin window fan in front. Gives me the ability to leave windows open 24/7 to cool my apartment (depending on outside temp) and not worry about rain coming in. Note: I bought four knowing I would have to replace the wooden frame on the sides with smaller wood on one so it would fit in my smaller bathroom window. I substituted wooden paint stiring sticks and ... read more it works great!


11 months ago

32in x 38 in Double-hung inset screen also other sizes.

This was a great deal price wise and looked good In white was great and shipment arrived early .


3 years ago

Excellent fit. It did the job.

It did what I expected it to do. It solved the problem that I had. I would definitely buy it again.


1 year ago

Good & Cheaper Solution

Size is smaller than window, leaving a gap. Bolts get broken easily. At the end, it is cheaper than DIY


5 months ago

Easy to work with

I didn't realize that the screen I was replacing had a metal spline. Not knowing how to work this type of frame, I found a YouTube video for instruction. The person demonstrating said that they didn't like to use fiberglass screen with this type of frame. I'm wondering why. He must not have had experience with this Clear Advantage screen. Getting this screen to lie in position and press into place was the easiest I've ever experienced. The screen didn't stretch out of shape and was very easy to ... read more keep in place as I pushed the metal spline over it. I had no issues whatsoever installing this screen. There was very little to trim...which is probably why it was easier to keep square. The screen looks great. Although it's hard to miss seeing any screen when looking out, it's more feint than overbearing. I will definitely work with this screen again.

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9 months ago

Very clear, easy to work with, but a little fragile

I used this to replace the screen in the front door. It was easy enough to install, but on my first try the screen tore when I was pressing the spline in place. I was able to move it over a bit since I hadn't cut it to size yet. On the second try I made sure to keep the spline tool to the outside of the groove and it went ok. It looks great. It feels flimsy and I wouldn't lean against it, but it is stronger than it feels.


3 weeks ago

Good Screen for Replacement

This screen material is very nice to work with and live with. It looks black on the roll, but almost disappears when installed due to the lack of glare. It is a fine mesh and is keeping the mosquitoes out of our house. Product seems durable and should hold up well. This was my first re-screening project and it went fairly well, just make sure you buy the correct size spline.


No More Flies!

Simple product, easy to use, perfect for those old, wood windows with no screens.

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  • Size:130*155cm
  • Tape Size:About 7M
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Can be cut to your size
  • Leave your windows open enjoy fresh cooler air
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