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Repairing Double Paned Windows

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We can't tell you what to do about your kids when they send that baseball flying into your double-paned window, but we can tell you what to do to repair the window. Of course, what we tell you may not make you any happier with the situation, either. Once the glass has broken in your double-paned window the factory seal goes with it. This means simply replacing the glass won't recreate the insulating properties that once were. You may be able to remove the window and reinstall it yourself, but you'll still need to send the window back to the manufacturer to regain the earlier benefits.

DIY Double-Paned Window Repair
Repairing a double-paned window is almost never completely a DIY project, but you may be able to cut some corners and reduce the cost of the repair. Depending on the style of your window, you may be able to remove the entire window sash. This sash may then be taken to a window repair specialist. This specialist will be able to examine your window panel and, from the size and thickness, order and install the new window in the old frame. Manufacturers can vary on price and high-performance windows, such as low-E glass or gas-filled glass, may need to be special ordered.

Talk to multiple window repair contractors to find the best price on the installation and the glass itself. Also, talk to the contractor about any tips on removing and replacing the sash into your window opening. This will help you determine if the project is beyond your skill. Keep in mind, as well, that some manufacturers won't honor warranties unless the window is installed by a professional. Having a contractor come to your home may double or triple the cost of the repair, but in many cases, it's still worth it. Your new window should last you a long time, and it'll save you a bunch of time and headaches.

The Cost of Repairing Double-Paned Windows
Knowing that the price of repairing your double-paned window can vary probably doesn't give you a definite idea of what to expect. The glass itself may range from $30 to well over $100. Having a window specialist install the window at his or her shop is probably going to set you back at least another $30 to $60, and if you need to have someone come out to your home to replace a quality, double-paned window, plan on the total repair cost to easily surpass the $200 mark.

Other Problems with Double-Paned Windows
Of course, having your kid throw a hardball through the window isn't the only thing that can go wrong with your double-paned windows. Through age and high moisture content, the factory seal can become broken on its accord. Often, your window will fog up when this has happened. You'll still need to have the window repaired by a specialist to regain the seal, but sometimes this can be done without removing the window from the sash. With this time of disrepair, in particular, you should first check to see if the window is under warranty before hiring the services of a window repair contractor.

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