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Bolt on Lambo Doors

Direct Bolt-on Vertical Doors and Scissor Door Kits, Manual Operation.

Butterfly Doors and Lambo Doors are vehicle-specific and replaces your factory hinges. Pre-drilled with factory matched holes that bolt-up directly to your car or truck. 80° Vertical Doors include both hinges and shocks. Doors will manually open out, and then lift in the upward position with just a push.


Universal "Drill Your Own" Lambo Door Kits, Manual Operation.

"One Hinge Fits All". Lambo Door hinges are not pre-drilled. Adapts to most vehicles that have room to insert hinges and shocks. You just drill holes to match your factory hinge pattern. Option to weld in place for permanent installation. 90° Lift up to 130° Lift Kits. Vertical door kits include hinges and struts.

Add Motorized Parts to your Existing Manual Lambo Door Hinges for Automatic Operation.

Automatic Lambo Door Parts Packages to automate your Manual Lambo Doors by Remote Control. Basic Packages include high powered Linear Actuators, relays and on-board switches when you want to use your own remote controls. Complete Packages additionally include Shaved Door Kit (removal of door handles not required), Door Poppers and Remotes to automatically unlatch, pop open and lift your doors.

Add Accessories to your Automated Lambo Doors.

Emergency Release Cables, Backup Buttons, Shaved Door Kits, Door Poppers, Keyless Remote Control Packages.

Lambo Doors

If there is one car accessory that will change the way you feel about your car or truck, it’s by adding a lambo door kit from CustomAutoTrim.Com. Lambo doors or “wing doors” when installed properly makes the entry and exit from your vehicle even easier and with a touch of class. At CustomAutoTrim you are with the right car professionals who will be happy to assist you with all of your installation questions so you get the right scissor doors for your car or truck. We want to make sure that your high quality universal lambo doors are installed on your vehicle properly by a professional and that you’ll get years of pleasure from them.

We offer brands such as Vertical Doors and AutoLoc. The Vertical Doors Inc. universal lambo doors are 80 to 90 degrees are not pre-drilled and are not direct bolt-on installations. Your installer will need to customize these lambo hinges for proper installation and can be adapted to fit almost any truck, car or SUV.

Our AutoLoc lambo doors are totally universal vertical lift kits with hinges that are not pre-drilled and are not direct bolt-on installations. You can even weld the finished product for a permanent installation. Your installer will need to customize these lambo hinges. AutoLoc Lambo Door Kits are available in a 90 Degree lift and an adjustable hinge with a vertical lift up to 130 degrees. We offer the lambo doors in several packages including manual lambo doors or automatic lambo doors that allow you to pop open and lift your doors by remote control.

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Lambo-Door-Steel Lambo Door Kit 90 Degree Universal Style Vertical
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Lambo-Door-Steel)
  • Universal design for any car or truck - Serious modification required, this kit is not designed for any vehicle in particular - Speak to a shop for installation...
  • Goes up to 90 degree up - When this kit is installed correctly your door will still shut properly and retain your factory seals, there will be no wind noise.
  • Bolt on (drilling holes into car) or weld one - We recommend doing both for solid installation. Fenders will need to be removed for installation. Some fenders may...
  • Lifetime Warranty on Steel and 1 Year on shocks
  • Includes 4 Shocks, 2 steel hinges and accessory bolts for installation - No step by step instructions provided. Again this is not plug and play. Welding and Drilling...
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Automotive Parts and Accessories (GLamboDoorKit)
  • Welding or Drilling Required
  • Professional Installation Required - Lambo Door kits are very difficult to install. Please take that into consideration.
  • Fender Rolling maybe required on some vehicles
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
  • Lifetime Warranty - Contact us for replacement parts.
AutoLoc AutoLoc AUTUDSSHX Door Shock Upgrade Kit (Heavy Duty Lambo Vertical Upright Door Shock Upgrade (4))
Automotive Parts and Accessories (AutoLoc)
  • Gas Struts: 4 @ 440lbs
  • Gas Strut Bracket: 4
  • Gas Strut Ball Studs: 8
  • Mounting Arms: 2
  • Extended: 17 (431mm)
Vertical Doors Inc. universal lamborghini door conversion kit Direct bolt on lambo style vertical door kit
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Vertical Doors Inc.)
  • 2 Carbon steel hinges
  • 2 High power gas shocks
  • Installation hardware
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Lifetime warranty
AutoLoc Power Accessories AutoLoc Power Accessories 10139 Universal Custom Lambo Vertical Door Kit
Automotive Parts and Accessories (AutoLoc Power Accessories)
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Excellent Quality.
  • Satisfaction Ensured.
  • Produced with the highest grade materials
  • Great for everyday use.
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    • Lambo door kits were created for customizable cars such as the Lamborghinis. The Lambo door kits are able to be easily installed and can convert vertical doors easily.

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