YouTube will tell you how to choose, install and clean windows

Do you want to install new windows yourself, choose the materials to do it, find out what are the best glass cleaners to use, but where can you get the information you need? Every second Internet user will answer you - YouTube. Everyone knows that this service provides a lot of useful and interesting information in videos from amateurs and professionals.

A few words about YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms and the second largest search engine after Google Search. Since its inception in 2005, billions of videos from Hollywood commercials and music videos to amateur vlogs have been uploaded and shared on the platform.

Who uses YouTube?

Anyone with access to a computer or mobile device and an internet connection can watch YouTube content and even share their own one.

Many people use YouTube for entertainment purposes, to learn how to do things (tutorials), to keep up with the latest music trends, to track the activities of their favorite artists, and more.

YouTube really is for everyone - whether you're a creative person or the CEO of an organization with a big ad budget.

Although its user base ranges from young to old, YouTube is especially popular with young people who prefer a wide range of content, interactive components, and instant gratification with video content. There are various profitable offers, for example,  youtube premium family.

Family subscription features

Family subscription has the following features:

  • Each account added to the group: a separate library, request and browsing history is created, and other members cannot view this information.
  • The administrator of the group, the person who created it, can add and remove members, as well as send reminders and notifications. The offer is really good.

Photo by Szabó Viktor from Pexels

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