Bug Off Instant Screen Door

Bug Off Instant Screen Door with Magnetic Closure for a Single or

As a 114 lb 68 year old woman w/limited upper body strength & a still healing shattered wrist - I'll say this was remarkably easy to put up myself! It is made of high quality materials & fits perfectly. Should have ordered one years ago. Now if I can only get my cat to watch the video & see how easily other pets walk back & forth thru it...


I purchased this product called bug off screen door looks just like this one purchased in a catalog Ive had it over 7 years. paid about 44 dollars with shipping -worth every penny


I like these because of the rod at the top. I don't need to ask anyone to install it for me, and it is easy to move somewhere else since I don't attach it to the door jam at all. It just hangs. When I attach it, the big guys in the house push through it roughly and it ruins the attachments. But, at least I don't have to attach it at the top. . .that would probably be ruined also. I like the rod. Only thing that would make it better is if there were more magnets to help bring the two sides together in the middle. Thank you. . .


Not enough magnets


Could not get the bar tight enough to keep screen in place. After a few hours of using the screen the bar would become loose. Also, the screen was not tall enough. The two sides are attached together above your head but should be higher up. More and smaller magnets like on the screen I'm replacing would have been better. Over all, a poor design. Had to return both screens.


Not enough nor strong enough attachments on the side of the screen. Also the magnets are not strong enough nor strong enough to keep it closed on the bottom.


It is a good idea but could use more magnets in the center to stop the gaps.

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