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Residential Window Tinting – Houston, TX

If you’re looking to save significant money on your electric bill, you’re wanting to protect your furniture and skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, you’re trying to make your home more comfortable, you’re trying to reduce the glare on the TV, or your situation encompasses all of these scenarios, we have the solution for you! Our films will exceed your solar control needs by rejecting up to 88% heat, while reducing glare, and making every cubic inch of your home more comfortable by creating a more consistent temperature throughout the space in your house.

With threats of severe weather such as hurricanes or possible burglary, you might need a way to strengthen your windows. We offer security films ranging from 7mm to 21mm fortified with a thick bead of silicone sealant. Our security films will make your windows almost impenetrable, deterring burglaries or extreme weather conditions.

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If you’re looking to add privacy to a bathroom, a glass shower, or even your whole house, Skylight Window Films has the solution for you. We offer a large variety of privacy films that can give you full seclusion without sacrificing lighting.

Make your home unique, magnificent and elegant – portraying sophistication with your beloved home! If you’re looking to add custom patterns, gradients, or graphics to your glass to give your home some more style and finesse, we have just what you need. The possibilities are endless!

All of our window films are sure to enrich the atmosphere of your home! From saving money on your electric bill to adding a touch of elegance, all installations are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We like to say, “Second best in not good enough” because we truly strive to give our customers the best in every aspect of our product and service delivery.

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