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Love my shower!

This door gives my bathroom the elegance I was looking for at a reasonable price! I removed the old slider before my renovation because the tracks were hard to clean so I love this frameless style and this door allows the view of my new renovation.


2 years ago

Love this door

My father and I installed this door. It took a little while but the finished product is awesome. The frameless door looks so high end. I feel like I'm in a spa every time I step into the shower.


3 years ago

Quality machining; sturdy, and beautiful

If you've spent the past week tiling a shower stall, the last thing you want to do is cover it up with a bulky framed shower door or *gasp* a curtain. It's a little pricier than your standard shower doors, but it provides a clean, unimpeded view that visually opens the stall to the room and showcases the beauty of tile work. You're also paying for quality tempered glass and really well-machined fittings. I've seen a lot of fittings in my day, and these are really well designed and cut. Notes on ... read more installation: the glass panes have a heft to them - be sure you have a pal around to help them in. The last thing you want to do is chip a corner while setting them. Be sure the top fitting for the roller door is perfectly level, otherwise you may prevent the door from sliding easily through the full range. Also, be sure to clean the glass before installation, as there will be a few inches unreachable once they're secured. As a fun effect, you could apply an automotive windshield spray to have water bead on the glass. Overall, the quality of the fittings and the heft of the glass allow for a really solid product and a pretty simple installation. Cut the bottom track to fit, be deliberate about making sure everything is plumb and level, and you should be very pleased with the result.

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Great Value

Beautiful outcome. Installed it myself. Love how it adjusted to fit my custom opening...easily. Decided to install without metal threshold and it works great. Adds to its sleekness. Price was right.


Looks great! Value is worth it!

This is a great shower door. Sturdy and is exactly what I was looking for. The instructions were not clear, partly because we put the door in the opposite of the way the directions read. Everyone that comes over to see the shower LOVES the door and cannot believe the price for the door! We are very happy!


4 years ago

Very good shower door for the price

If your looking for style but want to stay budget savy, then this is the shower door for you... it adjusts over a nice range so it should fit in the opening listed in the specs with no problem. The only negative I have about it is that it is chrome and I would prefer more of a satin or brushed nickel look. However the chrome it has isn't as shiny as on a car bumper, and does have a weathered look so it was exceptable for us. Wasn't too difficult to install... hardest part was dealing with the ... read more weight of the glass


Great Looking Shower Door

This shower door looks really nice for such a relatively low price-point. I had previously looked at getting a door for our small stall shower, but the custom-fit price discouraged me from taking on the project. Delta had a great idea with this semi-custom solution. I had a few complaints, but most of them were minor or had to do with the installation instructions. Once I had the door installed, I was pretty happy with it. The semi-frameless door is made of pretty thick glass and looks ... read more expensive. It has a coating on it that really cuts down on cleaning time. I usually squeegee it off after every shower, but I don't notice any water spots when I forget or when I'm in a hurry to get out the door in the morning. The only disappointment I have with the door is that there's manufacturer information permanently stamped on the corner of the glass. This will be on the bottom corner for a left-pivot installation, but it's in the top corner right about at eye level for my right-pivot installation. I was happy to find that the frame can fit showers with a curved transition from the wall to the curb. I wouldn't recommend trying to use tin-snips to round off the track though like the directions call for. I tried them first and ended up distorting the end a little. Luckily I had left enough room between what I planned to be the finished edge and the position I was cutting. I ended up using a rotary tool with a cutoff wheel to very carefully rough-in the radius, and then filed it smooth with a hand file. The frame material is dark for the standard "brushed nickel" look, and it doesn't seem to quite match the door handle finish. It's not really that noticeable, and it depends on the angle/lighting you look at it in. However, if you're a perfectionist this might be a small annoyance. I was a little disappointed that there are exposed screw heads on the inside of the shower for holding the strike jam in place. I also ended up adding quite a bit of caulk to fill in the gap left by the strike-jam adjustment slots. My shower opening was at least 3/8" out of square from top to bottom on the strike side, so that might have played a factor in the slots leaving gaps (see picture). I'm also a little concerned that the door detent is eventually going to wear out. It's made out of somewhat cheap feeling plastic, but it is spring-loaded and rolls to alleviate stress on the part. So maybe my fears of it wearing out are completely unfounded, and even if it does break, I'll just have to remove some caulk and 3 screws to replace it. Installation wasn't too bad, but the instructions actually left a few important reminders/tips out: - Caulk ALL the seams on the track, not just the ones with the shower wall. The strike jam needs to be caulked to the rest of the frame even though the instructions don't specify to do so. - Place a dab of caulk on each screw shank when it's still about a 1/2" from being flush with the track. It will make a nice waterproof bead around the screw head when it sucks up tight (see picture). I'd also recommend caulking the anchor holes in the wall prior to installing the track, just in case any water does get behind the track. - When drilling the hole in the base track for the shower door pivot, I'd recommend laying everything out and marking the location for the drilling template and then removing the bottom portion before drilling. That way you won't drill into the shower curb when you break through the metal track. You want that curb to stay waterproof! - The pilot holes on the strike jam seemed to be a little small for the screw shank. I accidentally sheared the head off of one of the screws while I was installing it. When I went back to HD to find a replacement, there weren't any with the exact same threads per inch, shank diameter, and head diameter. I ended up buying all new screws for installing the strike jam instead. If you end up doing this, make sure to buy stainless! All in all, this door is a great buy. I know I seemed to be down on it quite a bit in my review, but most of the difficulty I had was with the installation. After using this shower door for over a month now, I haven't run into any problems with the door detent or any new complaints. I'll definitely go with this kit again if I ever need to install another shower door myself.

Bonway Industry MARMOLUX ACC GH2ORB Cloth Hook for Glass Door Bathroom Robe Hanger Metal Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish,Pack of Two
Home (Bonway Industry)
  • Robe Hook,Glass door hook
  • Metal Material, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finished
  • Glass thickness should be within 0.31inch
  • Features 2 hooks per item, pack of two
  • No need Installation
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