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Introduction to springsMany of our customers have found our instructions to be helpful in repairing their garage doors. DIYers, this is the page for you.

To safely repair garage doors it's necessary to understand the forces at work. In this video you'll learn how the door system is counterbalanced allowing the springs to offset the weight of the door throughout the doors travel.

If your garage door has a broken EZ Set spring, you have two basic options for restoring your door to its previous working order. The simpler and safer option is to keep your EZ-Set system. The other is to convert to the Standard Torsion Spring system.

ez-set springWayne Dalton's TorqueMaster spring system uses unique hardware. The track radius is smaller than on most other doors, the cable drums are smaller, and the shaft has a unique shape. The torsion springs, instead of sliding over the shaft, fit inside the shaft.

Extension springs have four characteristics: length, inside diameter, wire size, and type of end. Even though springs have these properties, manufacturers generally do not make their extension springs based on the dimensions you may find on your door.TorqueMaster Every manufacturer has its own design for making springs.

There are two main styles of one-piece springs. The first is the standard spring. This spring is used by a variety of door manufacturers. If the top of your door has rollers that move along a metal track that extends horizontally toward the back of your garage, you have standard one-piece springs.

Commercial and industrial overhead doors range from weighing a few hundred pounds to over a thousand pounds.Sectional Extension Spring Vertical-lift and high-lift door systems are frequently used in commercial and industrial settings to maximize space. Read below measure your old spring(s) and find your new torsion springs to purchase.

One-piece curtain doors operate in a similar manner to steel-rolling door springs. Like a steel rolling door, the curtain on these doors wraps around itself as the door opens. The primary difference, however, is that steel rolling doors are made of interlocking slats, while one-piece curtain doors are just one piece of steel. While steel rolling doors are typically found in heavier commercial and industrial environments, one-piece curtain doors are common in self-storage facilities.

One-Piece Extension Springs Commercial Spring Roll Up Door Steel Torsion Spring
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