Garage Door Open indicator

How to install a "garage door open" indicator

Your first step will be to determine where you can put a switch to close the indicator LED circuit.

When I looked at my garage door, I noticed that a piece of galvanized trim on the top of the door stopped right next to the angle iron used to hang the door tracks when the door was in the fully opened position.

I bought a simple corner or "L" bracket and mounted it from the bolt that connected the wheel track of the door to the vertical angle iron bracket. A simple Radio Shack "normally open/momentary close" push button then mounted on the other side of the corner bracket, with the switch of course facing the top of the door.

By bending the bracket slightly, I was able to ensure that the switch was fully depressed every time the door was fully opened.

This arrangement might work for you, or you might have to improvise a bit. You of course want to mount the switch in a manner that it's in the "closed" position when the door is open.

NOTE: in the image below, I stopped the door's movement before it reached the fully open position so you could see the orientation of the switch in relation to the top of the door. When the door is fully open, the red push button is fully depressed, and the circuit is closed. (See 2nd picture below.)

Skylink Skylink GM-434RTL Wireless Long Range Household Alert & Alarm Home Security Safety Protection Garage Door Monitor System Kit
Home Improvement (Skylink)
  • NO MONTHLY FEES easy DIY (Do It Yourself) installation.
  • 2in1 Alert/Alarm Modes, notifies you when a garage door is open with both audio and visual indicators. Protect valuables in your garage.
  • BUILT-IN SIREN at a piercing 95 decibels for maximum protection. Long operating range up to 800 feet in open area.
  • EXPANDABLE WIRELESS SYSTEM: Add up to 16 sensors i.e. Motion sensors, window/ door sensors, water/leak sensors and garage door sensors.
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Liftmaster Liftmaster 829LM Garage Door Monitor
Home Improvement (Liftmaster)
  • Only Works with MyQ Technology openers. Does not work with all openers
  • Lets you know when your door is open or closed. Close the door from inside your home.
  • Volume controlled alert lets you know when the door is being opened.
Chamberlain Chamberlain Garage Door Add-On Sensor for CLDM2 Monitor
Home Improvement (Chamberlain)
  • This additional sensor is used for homes with multiple garage doors
  • Mounts on the garage door and signals the receiver inside the house
  • For use with the CLDM1 Chamberlain Garage Door Monitor
  • Powers off of included battery
  • 4.1-by-1.3-by-8.1-inches and ships at 3.2-ounces
Chamberlain Chamberlain CLDM1 Clicker Garage Door Monitor
Home Improvement (Chamberlain)
  • Garage door monitor with sensor
  • Indicates whether garage door is open or closed
  • Eliminates unnecessary trips to the garage and prevents theft
  • Fast installation--no tools required
  • 8 by 8.5 by 3.5 inches
Mother HomeAutomation Gogogate2 Wireless Garage Door Sensor with Status and Temperature Indicator, GGG2-TWS-101 , White
Home Improvement (Mother HomeAutomation)
  • Wireless tilt sensor to remotely monitor garage door status and temperature
  • Compatible with sectional garage doors and tilt garage doors only. For indoor use
  • Easy to install sensor. Mounts directly in the garage door. No screws required thanks to a powerful double sided tape
  • Compatible with Gogogate2 device only
  • No conflict with LED lights or remote controls
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