Craftsman Garage door sensors

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Replacement Safety Sensors (2

Rated 4.6 out of by Tony Easy to Install Easy to install but would have liked it better if if would have fit the original brackets better. New brackets were to flimsy and didn't fit the sensors well. Also slightly pricey. February 10, 2016

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by Lindy Worked on my 1993 Craftsman model just fine! My old 1993 garage system was installed when the house was built. It's an old '93 Craftsman 1/2 HP with the original safety sensors. Just this past week, our garage would open but wouldn't close without holding down the main control. At first I thought it was the remotes, but when my 'homelink' didn't work either in my car, I knew it was something else. After researching and youtubing, I learned it was our safety sensors. Our receiver unit was lit green, but the other one was blank (no light). I found these on HomeDepot, but it said it was not compatible for my model since it was a '93. I read the questions and reviews and noticed a couple others had tried it on their older models, so why not give it a shot. So today, I purchased them at Home Depot and saw that the wires were identical to my existing sensors. I cut out the old sensors and mounting brackets out and spliced the wires together and what do you know. It works like new! At first, I wasn't a fan of the mounting hardware that is included, but it was actually pretty simple to mount to the rails. Got everything lined up, and works better than my old sensors! Very happy customer! I highly recommend these if you need new ones. And don't be afraid if you have an older model. Just look at the wiring and make sure you connect it correctly! February 17, 2016

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by Sam Sensors fit fine Installed these on a 1994 Craftsman opener and door. They fit just fine in the original brackets. Only took about 20 minutes. February 17, 2016

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by Fred Easy replacement install Purchased to replace failing door sensor. Very easy installation with clip on brackets for sensors and crimp wire connectors. It took longer to remove the old sensors than to install the new ones. Work perfectly. February 17, 2016

Chamberlain LIFTMASTER Garage Door Openers 41A4373A Safety Sensors
Home Improvement (Chamberlain)
  • For garage door openers that currently have sensors installed
  • 41A4373A Sensors are compatible with LiftMaster and Chamberlain Brand from 1993 - late 1990 s
  • Each sensor has a green light and a bolt that runs right through the center of each sensor
  • Designed to splice into your existing wires
  • Includes 1-sending unit, 1-receiving unit, Wire connectors, and instructions - no brackets
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Liftmaster Sears Craftsman 916LM Garage Door Sensor
Liftmaster Sears Craftsman 916LM Garage Door Sensor
LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Pair of Safety Sensors 041A5034
Home Improvement ()
  • Replaces damaged safety sensors
  • Fits Chamberlain / Liftmaster / Craftsman garage door systems manufactured after 1997
  • Prevents garage door from closing on people, pets, or other objects
Chamberlain Chamberlain 801CB Replacement Safety Sensors
Home Improvement (Chamberlain)
  • Replaces defective or damaged sensors.
  • Fits Chamberlain garage access systems manufactured after 1997.
  • Detects objects in the path of opening/closing garage door to help prevent accidents.
  • Offers peace of mind and safe operation.
  • Includes 2 safety sensors, mounting brackets and 18 in. of extension wire.
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  • avatar How do you bypass sensors for craftsman garage door opener.
    • The sensors are safety features so the door won't close on someone. When you hold the wall button down it's over riding the sensors, therefore it works when you hold down the button but will not work when you tap it or use the remote. Line up the photo cells so they stop blinking. If they're blinking they think something is in the way...hence not closing. If you can't get them to line up and stop blinking one may be defective. Contact the manufacturer and see if you can purchase a replacement set. They usually aren't too expensive, maybe $20/$40.

  • avatar Can a Chamberlain Clicker brand universal wireless keypad be installed on a Craftsman garage door opener without sensors?
    • No the clickers will only work with openers with sensors.