Garden irrigation: choose the best variant

Garden, flower beds, lawns need regular watering. Conventional pumps for water supply do not always cope with this task - watering has its own characteristics, because the pump for watering the garden, flower beds and lawn is chosen separately using a completely different approach. The choice of garden irrigation largely depends on the water source. It could be:

  • well;
  • river, pond, pool;
  • containers and barrels.

Technical characteristics will be decisive for a well - it is necessary that water with the proper pressure be delivered to the irrigation site.

If we are talking about a small river, a pond or a pool, the requirements for degree of water pollution are added to the technical characteristics. If the water in the pool can still be considered conditionally clean, there will be enough pollution in the river or pond, so conventional equipment will not work, as they are designed for clean water. Drainage and garden pumps can pump contaminated water.

When we water from containers and barrels, the task becomes even more interesting. Water in this case is also not clean, so drainage pumps are suitable, especially the most low-power ones. It's all about the amount of water that can be contained in a barrel. An average power pump with high capacity will pump out 200 liters of water in 1-3 minutes. You will have time to water a little during this time, but there will be already no water. Therefore, the least powerful are the best in this case (they are part-time and the cheapest). Only when buying, pay attention that the pump comes with a float water level sensor. If there is very little water left, this sensor will turn the power off.

Some companies produce special pumps for barrels. They have small dimensions and weight.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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